At Mosaic we have a stylist for every price point and we strive for full pricing transparency. 

Our stylists charge hourly rates based on their level of experience, demand and education. Charging hourly allows us to achieve your desired result without limitations and prevents you from having sticker shock at the end of your service. During your text or in person consultation, your stylist will give you an estimate on how many hours and sessions it will take to achieve your desired look. Simply reserve how much time you want to spend with your stylist and there’s no need to worry about going over budget. 

how it works

Emory $45/hr
Baily $45/hr
Cambryana $57/hr
Havyn $65/hr
Kendra and Olivia $102/hr

Baily $55/hr
Cambryana $60/hr
Havyn $75/hr
Jessie $95/hr
Kendra and Olivia $115/hr

extensions & Premium

$45 blow outs
$55 blow outs with extensions
$30 halo extension refresh


2024 pricing

$85 specialty style


$85 full face
$55 airbrush foundation only
$55 eyes only
$10 lashes


All our stylists make their own schedules and are by appointment only. 

Please give 24 hours cancellation notice. If appropriate notice isn’t given, you will be charged a 1/2 hour fee to rebook. 



text or call us at 806.318.9707 to book